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beyondtheragingfire asked
Worst best-friend material (for Kurt or in general): Rachel Berry or Santana Lopez?

This is hard to answer, especially with these two. 

I mean, Santana says degrading things to Kurt to his face, while Rachel thinks degrading things about him that she doesn’t necessarily say. Although she did laugh right in his fucking face once and told him that he only got his chance at NYADA because of her. Throw in the “who cares about you, buddy” and the overall sentiment that she’ll listen to his secrets and then go date the guy he likes, in the same season that she tells Quinn it’s unfair for QUINN to date Finn because RACHEL likes him even though they are broken up, and sorry my head just exploded.

Both have come to Kurt’s defense, although Rachel sends her boyfriend after the guy and Santana takes Karofsky on herselfI don’t give her extra points for forming the Bully Whips because that was for her own benefit. Likewise, Rachel doesn’t get points for her half-assed attempt to cheat for Kurt for president, because she also did that for herself because she didn’t want to be alone in New York. Santana may actually never have said anything supportive to Kurt. Though she never stepped on his neck to get a role/opportunity that she wanted (she competed against him in Funeral, but didn’t try to sabotage him), and never tried to steal his boyfriend. Meanwhile, Rachel did give him pep-talk before his Winter Showcase no-notice audition. However, Rachel never allows him to celebrate his successes, but rather, if she’s unhappy, his success is unimportant, and he cannot mourn and get support if she’s happy. This is a big drawback. She tries to manipulate him to mirror where she is, too, and when he says that he’s lonely and is considering finding friends, she makes fun of those friends and doesn’t offer in the slightest to spend more time with him— unless he gets a boyfriend so they can couple date. (I give her a little slack on this for new relationship self-absorption, but it’s still…)

I’d take points from Rachel for moving Brody in without telling Kurt, but Santana also crash-landed in their loft and stole his pillow. They’re both selfish and rude as roommates, and they both get points off for going into his ‘room’ with the design to make him piss the bed, but especially Rachel, because why in the world did she think that was okay?

To settle this, I’m going to look elsewhere. Rachel has very, very few genuine friendships with other people, honestly. She gives them these moments when she wants them to come back to the club and sway behind her, but it’s hard to think of her doing something for someone just to be nice. She’s had a heart to heart with Mercedes more than once, and she knows she’s getting special treatment AT MERCEDES’ expense and won’t use what she has to share the leads at all. It’s not a shocker to me that Rachel literally has no friends at NYADA.

Santana on the other hand, is a kind friend to Brittany (outside of their relationship/manipulation), verbally supportive, defends her and is gentle and kind. She’s also a serious friend with Quinn and Rachel, and though judgmental at times (no more than Kurt), cares fiercely about the choices they make and will both slap the crap out of them and take them to their doctor’s appointments. She straight up gave prom queen to Rachel even after telling her that she was being a brat to cheer her up. She’s also friends with Mercedes and has been shown to take her lead because she recognizes talent and isn’t afraid to share as long as she gets her own chances.

Based on Santana’s capacity for friendship (because I’m not sure she’s actually friends with Kurt right now), and Rachel’s actual actions in the role of “best friend” or any attempt by her to be a friend to anyone: I have to award Rachel as The Worst. Santana has proven that she has the material to be a good best friend even if she can be a cutthroat bitch with other people (in both positive and negative ways). Rachel, I still wonder if she understands what friendship is given how she treats her friends. I think she mostly views other people as extras and props in her grand narrative of rising to stardom.

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